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Lutz Pankow

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The adjustable spot that does without any complex mechanics. A basic model, versatile. This is where young design meets effective application. "Just beautiful.

The hemispherical housing is placed on a magnet and forms a joint. Due to the defined friction between magnet and housing, the luminaire head can be precisely adjusted over a wide range of freedom.
For everyone who wants to be a little different.

A good atmosphere has nothing to do with money, it has to do with a love of details. In order to fill an apartment with life, the needs of the residents are crucial. In order to put this in the right light, however, the light source is crucial. A lamp shouldn't be the design
determine, but support and underline. With its variety of colors and variable location definitions, the GEPA is also a colored point. A point of contrast, an eye-catcher, light source and yet in the background to give you all the stylistic options.

The magnet can withstand up to 4.5 kg of pulling force. A diffuser sits between the shade and the hemisphere, which emits light to the side when the lamp is switched on.
The built-in LED is replaceable. We are at 14 watts, 2700k, 1300 lm on the LED.

As a table lamp, the lamp head can be freely positioned. The basic model winds itself aesthetically around the light rod. The table lamp module is always in black. The shade is in all of the basic colors available, too
available in special colors or with a metallic cover. The basic colors of the GEPA are:
Light gray, dark gray, white, black, red, polished aluminum, blue, yellow, pink, green.