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Lutz Pankow

GEPA grün Basis.jpg

The adjustable spot that does without any complex mechanics.

Particularly interesting: the modular system. This allows the basic model of GEPA to be converted into additional modules and easily modified. Whether as a hanging, floor, table or wall lamp. A basic model, expandable in many ways!
Due to its perfect construction and the use of magnetism, the GEPA can be used practically anywhere.
This is where good design meets effective application. "Just beautiful!
The LED is exchangeable. We're at 14 watts, 2700k,
1300 lm.


Lutz Pankow wrote about the GEPA luminaire:

Gepa - a universal lamp

The idea of the Gepa lighting system is to have a universal lamp that can fulfill a wide variety of lighting situations with little effort. Gepa is an adjustable spot that does not have a conventional joint via rotary axes for adjustment. The hemispherical housing sticks to steel objects with a magnet and can be precisely adjusted in all directions with a sliding movement.
With various accessories, the spot can be used as a table, wall, floor, pendant or ceiling lamp. The luminaire adapts to the constantly changing conditions in living and working areas and becomes a universal lighting tool. Gepa only needs very few parts for maximum flexibility and impresses with its reduced design. The user becomes the designer of the light….


Gepa Tisch .jpg