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ANTA is not a conventional light manufacturer. ANTA is an integral part of the industry when it comes to timeless design, sustainability and high-quality, but also stylish lights.
We combine exclusivity and clarity with quality and comfort - everything is handcrafted. Quality, not quantity. Luminaires that adapt to the interior, not the other way around. A technical innovation in a perfectly designed dress - for every room, for every occasion.
Our products are designed in cooperation with well-known designers, but also newcomers, and realized by us - over 40 designers have now enriched our portfolio and given the collection its personal character and charm.

It goes without saying that the safety and use of the most modern components are of the utmost importance to us in order to be able to offer you the most positive experience possible. We have been relying on LEDs and controllable light via Bluetooth for a long time.

For us, “Made in Germany” is not just a phrase: At our location, we still develop, turn, mill and assemble with high precision. As a result, we are optimally able to respond to the individual wishes of our customers and manufacture any custom-made products for them or carry out repairs. Good cooperation with our regional partners is just as important to us as the quality of our materials and products and the ecological responsibility that we also bear as a company.

We don't stop in the project area either: Our lights decorate the “University of Berlin”, the “Carl von Ossietzky University” in Oldenburg, various international restaurants and hotels, including the foyer and restaurant of the “Lotte World Tower” in Seoul , the "House of Education" in Bonn and many more.

• Luminaire in the “Museum of Modern Art”, New York • “iF Design Award” • Dumont “Design Lexicon” • Beautiful living “modern classics” • “Design Plus Award” • “Award-winning exhibition stand”, Cologne
• Best of Design • Award for high design quality from the Design Zentrum, NRW. etc.


In the project area, too, we are a reliable partner on all sides and have already been able to convince with our work several times and beyond our own national borders. From hotels and resorts in the United Arab Emirates, to theme parks, restaurants, embassies and universities around the world, to Hollywood, our lights adorn numerous international buildings, facilities and living areas.
In the course of this, we use the advantages of a manufactory, which means that we can optimally respond to the individual wishes of our customers and do not shy away from large orders and special custom-made products.

Luminaires that adapt perfectly to the overall concept of a room and thus merge design, good light and quality, not the other way around.

As part of our project work, for example, we have equipped the foyer and restaurant of the Lotte World Tower in Seoul with specially manufactured custom-made products, which fit perfectly into the concept of the tallest building in South Korea and ensure a harmonious overall picture. Likewise, the House of Education in Bonn, the library of the Humboldt University in Berlin and the Carl-Ossietzky University in Oldenburg value the design, quality and functionality of our lights very much. There are now hundreds of our models in the building complexes and libraries of these and other facilities.

The German Embassy in Helsinki also commissioned us to equip their premises and chose one of our floor lamps in order to create the best possible and atmospheric working conditions. In addition to the excellent quality of light, our models are also real style objects that give your place of choice a very special charm without being the center of attention or causing stylistic inconsistencies and irritations.

But ANTA likes to show the future, that's how our lights crowd
  in the cockpits of the newer Star Trek films and underline the futuristic design of the spaceships, of course with optimal light generation.
The trust in us and our high-quality work is also shown by the order books of various banks in Switzerland, Austria and Germany, which attach great importance to high-quality products, a stylish appearance and, of course, seriousness.

The quality of our products, as well as the artistic design of these, is also particularly evident in the exhibition of our bestseller in the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the associated recognition by the professional world.

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