Leuchten Lampen Stehleuchte Tischleuchte Pendelleuchte Hell Licht
WARRANTY DECLARATION from ANTA Leuchten Kristian Kracht, Osterbrooksweg 59, D-22869 Schenefeld

Dear Customer,
this lamp was produced, tested and packaged with care in accordance with the applicable European regulations. ANTA Leuchten grants all consumers and entrepreneurs a manufacturer's guarantee of two years, both on the lamp and on the light source, provided that the light source is not replaceable and is permanently connected to the light. The state of the art and the scientific knowledge at the time the product was manufactured are decisive. The guarantee extends to perfect functioning of the lights, the built-in electronic components and the use of defect-free materials, in particular their surfaces made of glass, metal and / or plastic. The guarantee of the lighting function is limited by the fact that the light output of the LED lamps decreases with their service life (use-related wear). The guarantee is valid under the following conditions:
• The professional unpacking of the ANTA lamp
• the proper use of the ANTA luminaire in accordance with its operating instructions
• the maintenance and care of the lamp in accordance with the operating instructions;
• the attachment and installation in accordance with the operating instructions and the installation regulations;
• Compliance with the limit values for supply voltage and environmental effects in accordance with the operating instructions and
  Installation regulations;
• the avoidance of chemical and physical influences as well as the use of unsuitable cleaning and cleaning agents
  and the use of unsuitable tools and sharp-edged objects;
• Refraining from unauthorized additions and modifications;
• the intended use of the ANTA luminaire;
In the event of a defect or defect in the luminaire, at the discretion of ANTA Leuchten Kristian Kracht, the guarantee includes free repairs or free delivery of replacement parts or replacement of the same or corresponding ANTA product. ANTA Leuchten reserves the right to adapt the guarantee in line with technical progress. Costs for assembly, dismantling and transport as well as expenses, postage and the like are excluded from the guarantee. Consequential damage, business interruption damage and loss of profit that can be traced back to a defective or faulty ANTA lighting product are also not covered by the guarantee.
Exclusion of guarantee and proof of guarantee: The right to guarantee services only exists if the defective product is presented to ANTA Leuchten or the authorized entrepreneur with the corresponding receipt or the invoice with the date within the guarantee period, at the latest by the end of the working day following the end of the guarantee. The corresponding purchase receipts must therefore be kept until the warranty period expires.
Start of guarantee: The guarantee period of two years begins with the handover of the luminaire to the consumer or authorized entrepreneur by ANTA Leuchten.